1 July 2020

Meet our Monique!

Broker and Co-owner at Ship Insurance, married to Jan Anton, mother of two daughters, and already working in the insurance industry for more than 30 years.

What do you like the most about working in the marine insurance business?
The maritime industry is dynamic and versatile. It is not only about the vessels itself, but also about the offshore with their renewable energy, the shipyards, the transport of goods, the marine contracting, yachting and much more. In order to minimize the risks for my clients, I enjoy the challenge of finding the best insurance solution for my clients.

 How would you describe the corporate identity of SII?
I see our corporate identity as customer-oriented with a personal approach. There is no place for a computer that says ‘no’ and we don’t do smooth-talking. We want to be a reliable, professional and a flexible partner for our clients. Therefor I will always roll-up my sleeves to get the best out of the insurance market for them.

What makes you proud?
I am very proud of my two daughters to see what they have accomplished and where they are in life. And off course I am proud of Ship Insurance.

What was you first job?
In 1987, when I was 21, I started my working career at the Van Calcar Group as a typist. Back then it was a separate division where the insurance policies and letters were being processed. It was also the division were we sent all messages to clients and the reinsurers via telex. At this company I learned that insurance was anything but boring and it came with lots of career opportunities.

What makes you happy?
Going to one of the islands of the Netherlands together with my family. Enjoy the feeling of freedom while being on the ferry with the wind blowing through my hair. Also enjoying the sea & the beach and having a nice glass of wine in the evening

Do you ever mix your professional and private life?
Yes, when I get a phone call or email during the weekend and my client needs me, I immediately take care of it. This is part of our job and it is being appreciated. It gives me a positive feeling to be able to be of service to my clients at any given time.

If you would be a boat, what kind of boat would you be?
I would be a tow/push tug. It fits me, because I always try to get the best insurance solutions for our clients. I always keep pushing underwriters to offer me the best deal.