Your crew is your most important asset for a good performance of your ship. They maintain the ship, they navigate the ship to its destination, they are responsible for taking care of the cargo and they are the ears and eyes of the people ashore. And just as your crew takes care of your ship, you take care of your crew. They have a nice accommodation, plenty of rest and perhaps a BBQ and karaoke set on board.

Of course you would like to see your crew in good health. But an accident can always happen on board or someone can get sick. Think of getting malaria in West Africa or someone can slip and breaks a leg. Then action needs to be taken and someone may have to disembark. And not at the next port, but immediately!

The aforementioned incidents can get expensive and then it is a reassuring thought that there is an insurance policy that covers the costs. Insurance that also covers risks such as permanent and temporary disability and death. When placing the risk we take the various contracts and nationalities of the crew into account.