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Marine Insurance

Since hundreds of years mankind is using ships to bring goods from A to B. Shipping gives us greater mobility than travel over land, whether for trade, transport or the capacity for fishing. Without shipping it would be impossible to have international trade between the world’s major economies. But Owning and Operating a ship is challenging and comes with uncertainties. One of those uncertainties is not knowing what the ship is doing at any moment.

Protection of your interest and assets is therefore vital and is achieved by taking out marine insurance policies


What do you want to insure?

Vessel under construction

The life cycle of a ship starts at a shipyard. The keel is laid and the build starts. Sections are made and these are welded together. The ship is gradually showing her beauty. After an average of one year, she is christened, launched and delivered to her owners. Between the launching and delivering, she has her sea trials to experience how she behaves once she is on the sea

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Sailing vessel

Once a ship has floated, it is officially a ship. She needs to sail and therefore chooses to meet the sea. She takes her cargo on board, sails from the port and brings the cargo safely to her destination. The vessel may encounter rough seas, storms, pirates, or other dangers along the way, but she will find her port of discharge. In the meantime the crew is working hard to make sure everything runs smoothly.

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Pleasure craft

Freedom, adventure, having fun and socializing with boating friends. But also painting, sanding, polishing, dismantling and assembling. Working hard to keep the boat in good condition to enjoy the most beautiful moments on the lakes, in the Carib or during an Atlantic Crossing.

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We are insurance specialists with ‘Marine Insurance DNA’. We all have our specific experience knowledge and talents. Combine this and you have a professional team that meets all the requirements of a good marine insurance broker. Communication lines with us are short, so decisions can be taken extremely quickly. We do not have a computer that says “no”. We are always ready to deliver the right solution for your needs.


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It is a transparent insurance broker, who values the relationship and always makes time for you; that is "Ship Insurance" for me. A reliable partner who handles enquiries and insurance matters quickly and correctly. I can focus on other things because I know that our ships and crew are in good hands with Ship Insurance. That is a reassuring thought

Nienke Bodewes | Nescos Shipping BV

We had quite a bit of trouble getting insurance for our boat for our Atlantic crossing and cruising in the Caribbean. Although the day we would be leaving was getting closer we had difficulties having good communication with insurers. But not with Ship Insurance. Monique and Marijke kept us informed almost daily about their findings and provided us with a fantastic solution. Many boats that we meet during our cruising failed to get proper coverage. Compliments for the ladies, we are now sailing carefree in paradise!

Marion & Kees | Owners s/y Merrimac

Marijke and Monique have done a fantastic job of working with us, listening to our needs, and finding us insurance solutions when everyone else decided it wasn't worth their effort. We never feel any question is too large or too small and they always have quick, informative replies to everything we ask. In fact, believe it or not, we enjoy working with our insurance brokers! Thanks for great service.

Laura Smith and Federico Guerrero | Quixote Expeditions