3 February 2021

A Ship in port is safe, but….

Do not be afraid to take a risk, to set out on a new adventure or to try something new.
Make a plan, gather your supplies, and set sail

The quote: `A Ship in port is safe, but that is not what Ships are built for` applies to personal adventures, but if you work in shipping, you can take it literally.

Because ships are purpose built for trading and to bring cargo from one destination to another. Ships are not designed to stay in port; they serve no purpose staying in port. She may as well have not been built. Ships are built to sail! The vessel may encounter rough seas, storms, pirates, or even struggles with pandemics, but she will keep sailing. She needs to! Otherwise we wouldn’t be able to feed the world.

You will always face challenges when Building, Owning, Chartering or Managing a vessel. But since almost 90% of the goods are transported by sea we need entrepreneurs who are not afraid of those challenges. If ships wouldn´t bring us the goods we need, we would get into problems. We would not survive. So, a big thanks to all shipping-people. To those who built ships, who manage ships, who own ships, who work on ships, who arrange the cargo and everybody else involved in this chain.

And what is our part to play in this chain? We advise you upfront about possible risks you might face and we help you to free your mind when you encounter an obstacle that was not your intention to encounter. We handle your insurance enquiries and insurance matters quickly and correctly and we are there for you when you need us.